Natural Disorder

Natural Disorder

98 mins | Denmark / Netherlands / Norway | 2015
Directed by Christian Sønderby Jepsen

24-year-old Jacob Nossell is really bright, but he does not fit the typical idea of the perfect life. Jacob is living with cerebral palsy, a congenital physical disability. In addition to affecting his speech, it causes muscle cramps and stiffness. His words run together when he speaks and his movements are limited.

With a normal intellect in a weakened body, Jacob is the embodiment of the dilemma of normality – he is too disabled to be truly accepted by society and too normal to accept his own fate. Therefore Jacob has decided to stage a performance at the Royal Danish Theatre (Human Phase-out), and put matters straight once and for all.

Contains adult themes

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Australian Premiere!


Sunday 23rd April
11 am
Alice Springs Cinema